Bibliotheca Iulia Instaurata

My Role 3D Artist: I recreated Raphael Room using Maya and photogrametry. Expand the UV and assign new textures. Modeled and textured all the furnitures based on historical research. UI designer :Designed and implemented user’s reading and exploration in Unity. Digital Bibliotheca Iulia Instaurata or Digital Stanza is an interactive reading experience. By recreating Raphael Rooms in… Continue reading Bibliotheca Iulia Instaurata


My Role Game Designer: Designed and developed the game from prototype to finished beta. Designed the core mechanics. 我完成了从游戏原型到成品的设计,并设计了核心玩法。 Visual Artist: I drew 90% of the art assets, including concept art, UI and all the coral reefs. 我负责了游戏90%左右的视觉内容,包括概念设计,UI和珊瑚群的设计。 Level Designer: I designed and implemented all the maps in the game. 我设计并在unity中实现海岛的地图布局。 Welcome to Delfini, the… Continue reading Delfini

The Pilgrimage

My Role Game Designer Programmer: Used blueprints to enable simple AI movements and trigger events Artist: Designed all the shaders and visual effects. The Pilgrimage is an experimental walking simulator that explores the internal rejection of a divine being. The game starts with an unknown snow land that welcomes players but also sets distance with them. It then… Continue reading The Pilgrimage


My Role Game Designer Programmer Artist Me is an installation project that records different stages in understanding my queer identity. I chose to organize it in a temple-like form, and the main structure is life-size with layers of images and fabrics, forming the walls of the installation. The installation converges into a source image, guiding… Continue reading Me

Drop Off

My role Game Designer: Designed the concept and gameplay TableTop Designer: Made and update the game to TableTop Community America is in disarray. Our government is doing everything they can to undermine our mail systems, creating chaos and disorder amongst the people. The organizations, in a fight to survive, have locked into a battle for… Continue reading Drop Off