My Role

Game Designer: Designed and developed the game from prototype to finished beta. Designed the core mechanics. 我完成了从游戏原型到成品的设计,并设计了核心玩法。

Visual Artist: I drew 90% of the art assets, including concept art, UI and all the coral reefs. 我负责了游戏90%左右的视觉内容,包括概念设计,UI和珊瑚群的设计。

Level Designer: I designed and implemented all the maps in the game. 我设计并在unity中实现海岛的地图布局。

Welcome to Delfini, the dolphin archipelago. You and your partner, two cute dolphins, can chill around the islands and have fun navigating the sea. You can sing with each other and guide the fish through harmony to bring life to the whole island.

Delfini is nominated for the Audio Deisgn Award at IndieCade, check out our game!


Check Design Macro

Link to download.

Game Experience 游戏体验

Learn the pattern 学习合唱

Navigate the world 探索海洋

Activate coral reefs 激活珊瑚

Diverse sea creatures 丰富的海洋生物

Game visuals 游戏视觉