The Pilgrimage

My Role

Game Designer

Programmer: Used blueprints to enable simple AI movements and trigger events

Artist: Designed all the shaders and visual effects.

The Pilgrimage is an experimental walking simulator that explores the internal rejection of a divine being. The game starts with an unknown snow land that welcomes players but also sets distance with them. It then persuades the players to explore the designer’s internal universe. And the game ends with a state in which players and the designer build trust with each other. 

The game was inspired by my dream, in which I hesitantly reconcile with a divine being. I then transformed this conflict into the relationship between players and designers. By using voiceovers, I become the higher being in the game, who guides the players. But at the same time, I will experience their distrust as I do in my dream. This intertwining relationship inspired me to explore multi-dimensional interactions between players and the designer and the designer’s interaction with her internal mind. 

Floating and rotating words
Glowing and disappearing materials
Moving words
Simple AI following
Fresnel shaders
Shaders that achieves moving effects