Emoji Connection

My role

Game Designer: came up with the theme and game mechanics. 设计了游戏主题与玩法

Visual Artists: Designed all the emojis and the board.完成表情和桌面视觉设计

TableTop: made game in TableTop Simulator.制作并上传到Steam TableTop社区

Emoji Connection is a board game about sharing life stories and inviting anothers to share their own experience.

Orientation weeks are a difficult period for people, especially international students. Our group wanted to design a ice-break game for people to get to know each other. Players will use emojis to share at least four stories and deplete the emoji pool in the end. We wish everyone wins and walks away a little more familiar and connected with one another. Add it to your Steam!

Emoji Connection是一款分享生活趣事的桌面游戏。


Deal card 发牌
Share Stories 分享故事