My role 我的职位

Visual Artist: environments and ending pictures 视觉设计:游戏环境与结局图片

UI Designer: Title and credits UI设计:设计标题与职员表

Sound Editor: Editted all the voice over 音效后期:编辑所有的旁白

Mother is a single-player, 2D narrative adventure game comprising time loops and multiple endings. As the player progresses through the game, they will slowly come to discover the truth of their identity.

Originally set in a sci-fi society, our player wakes up in a room where a mysterious voice leads them through a series of decisions that affects their experience and changes the encounters they have with characters in our world. Link to download


Game Play 游戏画面

Iteractive Objects 可交互物品
Multi ending 多结局
Choices 选择
Characters 角色

Visuals 视觉展示

For character artist, please check Tianyu Gu